Why is my Degree or Masters not recognised at a higher level by the SMA

10 May 2021 08:30 | Yvonne Blake (Administrator)

The SMA's entrance requirements are of course,  about level of qualification but also about content. Sports Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation BSc/MSc are obviously level 6/7, however the main focus of these qualifications is not sports massage; the massage module is often just a unit within the qualification which only contains basic massage skills; Level 3. Please also see FAQ entitled Education levels and Regulation below.

To become a full member of the SMA, we need to see evidence that you meet the content requirements of the National Occupational Standards (NOS).  Do do this you can cross reference your qualification to the NOS and supply the module information as evidence. 

The SMA often cannot obtain the level of detail required in order for us to assess the content of your course unless you come from one of our Accredited schools and your qualification was obtained within the time the university was accredited.

Please request this detail from yvonne@thesma.org

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