Should I be taking my client's temperature?

10 Jul 2020 11:00 | Anonymous
Despite the following comments the SMA suggest the taking of your own, and the client's temperature as other healthcare professionals, in similar fields are doing to demonstrate due diligence, build confidence and trust with clients and to show professionalism.
  • There is much debate about the worth of taking a client’s (or your own) temperature with regard to whether or not the results are relevant. A hot day, rushing to get to the clinic etc. can increase a client’s temperature and also there is a question about the efficacy of contactless thermometers. The SMA feels it provides some indication of possible illness, demonstrates due diligence and once again, may instil confidence in the therapist from the client’s perspective.  
  • If a client’s temperature is raised but screening results are negative, maybe give the client time to sit quietly and cool down. Be aware of their potential to infect others if they subsequently do have Covid-19 and have entered your premises.

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