Why don’t you work with other Professional Associations and lobby government?

01 Jul 2020 09:41 | SMA Member Administration (Administrator)
  • The SMA are part of GCMT (http://www.gcmt.org.uk/), a council composed of 12 other Professional Associations and Awarding Organisations. Paul Medlicott, our current Chair, chaired the GCMT for ten years, taking it from near collapse to the major driving force that it is in our industry now. Paul no longer chairs the GCMT but we have two representatives on the council and regularly attend their meetings, working closely with them at all times. In the current situation we are having multiple meetings weekly to do what we can to improve our situation. Collectively, and individually, we have approached the Government, the Health and Safety Executive, Public Health England and many others. We also work with CNHC (https://www.cnhc.org.uk/) who will be imminently opening a category for Sports Massage Therapists – a form of voluntary regulation for our industry. To demonstrate how long it takes to achieve change, this process has taken four years!

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