What are Covid rules now?

26 May 2022 10:00 | Anonymous


There are no longer any formal Covid rules in any UK country, which isn't to say that Covid is no longer an issue.

Many actions we were required to carry out during Covid should be normal good practise for our industry, including, high standards of hygiene and cleaning, both for the clinic and equipment, and for the therapist, and should therefore continue.

Some things you could also consider:

  • continuing to ventilate your treatment room between clients
  • verbally (or even electronically) screening clients for Covid symptoms prior to treatment 
  • asking clients who are experiencing Covid like symptoms to rearrange their appointment, i.e., a cold. Many people are no longer testing because of the cost of the tests
  • testing yourself if you have Covid symptoms and NOT treating people should you unfortunately test  positive.  Our close proximity to the clients means we are very likely to pass Covid on
  • if in doubt about a client or yourself, use gloves, mask and aprons to minimise the risk of spreading the disease

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