Paula Clayton Workshop: SIJ & Hip Pain (NW UK)

  • 23 Nov 2019
  • 10:00 - 17:00
  • Elite Physio and Therapy, 21/23 Hall Road, Bowdon, WA14 3AY

Paula’s workshops are highly practical and clinically relevant courses that provide participants with a clear understanding of the major principles and equips them with a number of techniques that can be used immediately in clinical practice.

This one-day course covers the latest research surrounding the dysfunction of the SIJ & Piriformis Syndrome. A very practical course which will take you through thorough ‘evidence-based’ assessments, manual therapy inputs and rehabilitation, all of which will increase your clinical reasoning and impact on your patient outcomes


  • Defining what SIJ dysfunction is
  • Recognize signs and symptoms that characterize patients SIJ dysfunction, FAI, Acetabular tears, and piriformis syndrome
  • Understanding the pathophysiology of SIJ pain/dysfunction
  • How to assess patients with SIJ pain/dysfunction
  • How to assess the fascial system
  • Understand the practical application soft tissue techniques and manual therapy technique which impact on pain, dysfunction, and performance
  • Understanding when to implement an intervention and when not to – building on clinical reasoning
  • Understand how the body functions as a whole rather than a sum of its parts and how to affect change with this in mind
  • Rehabilitation of SIJ and hip problems
  • Reduce the risk of recurrence

The course aims to present the scientific evidence and the clinical implications of SIJ dysfunction and piriformis syndrome. Following a thorough assessment to determine which outcome measures you may want to use, manual therapy techniques will be taught, practiced and implemented in order to affect change and improve those outcomes. Targeted rehabilitation and self-treatment techniques will be taught in order to increase a patient’s self-efficacy and to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. There will be opportunities to achieve your own personal learning outcomes.

Cost: £144.50

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