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The SMA Entrance Exam is designed to test your competency at Level 4 in UK qualification terms, in line with the National Occupational Standards for Sports Massage Therapy.  It normally has two parts:

  • an online written theory exam**
  • a practical assessment if the written exam is passed

Successful completion of our assessment does not give you a Level 4 qualification, but allows you to demonstrate that your learning meets the requisite standard and that you are therefore eligible for Full SMA membership.  

To get a sense of whether or not your theoretical knowledge meets Level 4 standards before enquiring about the entrance exam, you may take a short multiple choice exam.  Email membership@thesma.org and we will create a profile for you within our SpeedExam system.  We'll then send you your candidate login details so you can take the test.  

The cost of the written exam is £100 and you can pay this by clicking the link below.  The practical exam costs are variable, depending on the location the exam takes place and any other expenses incurred.  The total will be agreed with you before a date is confirmed and an invoice sent manually.

**If you hold a minimum BSc in Physiotherapy or Osteopathy then you are exempt from the written exam and should contact Yvonne Blake as below to set up a practical assessment, enclosing a copy of your qualification documents, as it is assumed that you will already have the A&P and clinical assessment knowledge required to pass the written exam

Once payment has been confirmed, please email Yvonne Blake to arrange a convenient date for the written exam to take place.

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