Currently there is no reciprocal recognition of Sports Massage qualifications between countries and this recognition is unlikely in the foreseeable future.  The reasons include significant variation in training standards between individual countries and perhaps lack of a national standard, e.g, in the USA where each state sets its own standard. 

The SMA asks all holders of qualifications gained outside of the UK to take one of the following routes to apply for membership:

  • Make an application to the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) for comparison of a qualification and advice on a close equivalent UK qualification.  NARIC only compare national qualifications so, as referred to in the above example, they do not compare USA state qualifications against UK qualifications.  Qualifications matching Level 4 or higher may apply for Full membership;
  • Take the SMA entrance exam (pitched at Level 4 in UK terms) which comprises an online written theory exam, pitched at Level 4, and then a practical assessment if the written exam is passed.  This does not give you a Level 4 qualification, but allows you to demonstrate that your learning meets the requisite standard.  To get a sense of whether or not your theoretical knowledge meets Level 4 standards before enquiring about the entrance exam, you may take a short multiple choice exam by clicking HERE and following the instructions to create a profile with Speed Exam;
  • Submit qualification documents and detailed associated information using THIS FORM so that we can map the qualification against UK standards.  This should include full course content (learning outcomes for practical skill and theoretical knowledge) as well as marks gained for individual modules.  There is a £50 charge for this service, which must be paid in advance by clicking the payment button below.  The SMA makes no guarantee that your course will prove acceptable and no portion of the fee is refundable.




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